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Friday, June 22, 2012

Wet Hot American Summer List of Things To Do: Updated

Tell boss I’m quitting—check.  Now to those other 27 things on my to-do list for starting grad school in the fall.  Groansville.  It feels like a lazy summer, it feels like it ought to be a lazy summer.  I just put in my two months notice at a job that’s essentially void of responsibility over my remaining weeks and now I should have weeks of nothing but hijinks and tom-foolery to tackle.  I certainly don’t feel like doing anything else.  But unfortunately, there’s real crap to be done--for grad school anyway--and so much of it.  So in no particular order, here’s the most recent updated version of my “Big List O’ Crap To Do”, in no particular order;

  •  Find a job—still working on that one, but I've been talking to some people who know a lot of people, who know even more people in Columbia, so really, it’s just a matter of time before it all pans out.  I’m assuming that I'll take a job as a super suave and sexy bartender who solves mysteries on the side.  No sweat.
Artist's rendering

  • Register and pick classes—Checkers.  This part involved a lot of phone calls to set up my student account, to set up my e-mail, to set up my graduate account so I could sign up for classes, so easy-peasy stuff.  But I got it now, I think.
  • Getting my moneys—the saga continues.  I know I’m getting a full ride, but it seems like there should be papers to sign, I’s to dot, some weasel waiting to pop out of an innocent-looking box.  I even have my AmeriCorps education award waiting to clean up whatever hidden fees might/ definitely are lurking for me, but ultimately, this seems like something I'm only going to be able to address after receiving a bill.
  • Finding awesome new sunglasses to instantaneously become recognized as the cool kid on campus—Check, double check, discount double check.
  • Buy books for class—kind of check.  I have books for one class so far so I’m stacking that up as a full check.
  • Moving—working on it.  My friend who’s also moving out that-a-ways and I have talked about U-Hauls and stuff… and yes, we've talks about renting a U-Haul.
  • Putting loans in forbearance—to do this, I’ll have to actually talk to Sallie Mae, which might be the most putrid and entirely horrible endeavor that one can ever be subjected to in the world, ever.  I hate even having to look at my loans, let alone paying them or speaking to the loany-type people.  I’d prefer to believe that my loans just don’t exist, so acknowledge them by talking about them—it’s unpleasant.   
Stop taking all my money all the time!

  • Buy a bunch of three-ring notebooks, pencils, and new school clothes--uh, my mom usually does that, so just like when we go out for lunch, I'm just going to leave that check to her.  I think it's a pretty safe assumption.  
  • Enrolling in my new health insurance—working on it; because I have a pre-existing condition I need to make sure my health insurance is continuous so that means getting a letter of continuous coverage, submitting it, getting medical records transferred over, it’s a whole thing, but not as bad as talking to She Who Must Not be Named (Allie-sa, Ae-ma). 
  • Getting good at reading an' writing agains--... working on it. 

The other 17-some things, I'm going to chalk those up as tasks for Future-Me, possibly July-August Future-Me, possibly.  Until then I guess it's on onward trudge to summon the will to actually accomplish something this summer--ah, it's good to have First World problems, yes, yes. 


  1. Talking to Sallie Mae isn't as bad as you'd think. They were actually rather helpful to me. Also, the forbearance may be was taking a class this summer and put me on forbearance without me asking for it. I would still suggest making some payments with AmeriCorps money, as the interest will still continue to accrue and make your principal super-high when you have to go back to paying it.

  2. Crap, I need to proofread better.