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Friday, June 15, 2012

By the way... I'm quitting

Last Friday after engaging my boss in some jonty back-and-forth about how he might escape his impending jury duty—I suggested body paint—I asked if he had another minute and closed his office door behind me.  He was instantly apprehensive, I suspect fearing that I might be revealing some kind of tawdry office scandal--if only--but I assured him that it wasn't anything bad—for me at least.

Now there's a lady who knows how to do it. 

I told him straight out that I was leaving for grad school and he immediately congratulated me for escaping from the department.  Yay and yikes? 

As it turns out, as irritating-to-wacky that I thought the faculty were based on my limited collegiate experience, my seasoned chair informed me that the department was more along the infuriating-to-psychotic lines.  He was incredibly understanding and empathetic to my plan to further my education and, you know, make something of myself and junk.  He definitely asserted a “you have to do what’s best for you” mentality underscored by a “I knew this was only a steppingstone for you” understanding, and touched off with a “you beat me to the door” aside, quickly followed up by a, “but seriously, you did”

He has allowed me to set my end date and has even agreed to keep it under the radar from our nosy-neighbor faculty until later.  Really good stuff.  So why has it been over a week since I’ve posted this news?  Well funny thing about telling your boss that you’re planning to quit; he expects you do crap before you leave.  Tying up loose ends that I've been content to let dangle, writing-up tutorials for my replacement, he pretty much wants to squeeze the last remaining ounces of productivity from me.  I completely understand it  and am compliant with it, but the truth is that well’s been dry for a while now.

So now I’m trying to eek out the will to complete this employment bucket list, doing my best to fight the urge to throw it all together the day before I leave.  I still have two months—pfff!  What’s the rush.  Yeah…

But on the lighter side of the toast, it feels really good to let him know and have it all out in the open—excluding open to the faculty, student workers, or anyone else at work, of course.  Ah, sweet serenity... 

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