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Friday, May 18, 2012

Money, Money, Boo, Bah!

This week I found out that I did not receive the fellowship that would have paid me $10,000 over two years for attending Mizzou.  I guess you never know what you don’t got, until you realize that you don’t actually got it. 

That means I have a whopping $6,000 waiting for me next year and a job search to do this summer.  I’m far from rolling in  it now—one of the reasons  I can justify going to grad school—but my earnings next year are going to make Present Me look like Scrooge McDuck to Future Me.  And Future Me hates that guy, I’m assuming.

You just got it all figured out McDuck, don't you now?   I just can't wait until the fall of the Euro crashes you  to your smug, webbed, spatted feet!

It’s one thing to romantically declare that you’re following your dreams, money be damned; and it’s another to look at your bank account from a functional sense and start devising crazy schemes to buy groceries.  With a steady income currently coming in, I’m mostly filing these thoughts into the “I’ll figure something out” drawer; but I know now that even if I get a job, when I get a job, in Columbia there are still some niceties that I enjoy now that I won’t be able to enjoy then.

Now,  I live with five other people, drive my grandma’s old ’97 Ford Contour, and eat ValueTime brand foods so what those niceties are that I’ll have to forgo later, I can’t actually imagine, but I guess I’ll find out.  I'm just saying this whole, following-your-inherently-deep-seeded passions-to-quench your-burning-desires-so-you-can-sleep-at-night-and feel-good-about-yourself  thing had better pay off, with money.  Lots of it.

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