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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I-I Think It's Over?

Every story has an ending just like every bottle has a bottom and every all-you-can-eat buffet has some guy there to tell you, "maybe that's not medically healthy anymore" .  The point is that I’ve officially completed my grad school applications.  I repeat, I am done with my grad school apps, officially.  BLAMO! 

BLAMO!  More time for eating Pop Tarts in bed!
Completing these apps—for the second time around—is as satisfying as it is relieving.  It recaptures the sensation of completing your college finals.  You’re not really sure how you did on them, in fact you’re pretty sure that you did horribly, but by George they’re over now and good or bad, you don’t have to worry about them anymore.  I don’t have to give these apps another thought until I start receiving decisions back from schools in about eight weeks and really, that’s an issue for Future Me to deal with.  Present Me is free and loving it.

Some people would hate this eight-week period of unknowing.  They would gripe about how painful the uncertainty is, fearing the worst, and lamenting, ‘If  I could just know—good or bad—if I just knew, then I’d be happy’.

Bullcrap.  I’m calling bullplop on these people.  It’s absolutely a stretch of the unknown, but instead of fixating on the worst possible outcome I like to keep my eye on the half-full glass.  During these next few weeks I have endless potential.  I could get into every school I applied to with glowing reviews.  I could be the #1 choice of every school, schools clamoring to take on this literary genius, this savant of the English language, this wordsmith of his generation.  Yes, it is really possible that every school is thinking these exact things.  It’s a small possibility, I admit, but right now it exists.  Hope lives.  But after I receive my first response from the first school, this possible reality starts to crumble.

Future Me will definitely have a jet pack
So right now when I don’t have to do anything, when I’ve already done everything that I could possibly do, it’s all out of my hands, and anything could happen, it’s a pretty sweet time to me.  It’s a time that I can truly enjoy without feeling like there’s something that I should be doing, which is pretty great.

However, in terms of this blog, such a dearth of happenings could be potentially detrimental.  Yes, I’ll now have time now to post with greater regularity, but to post about what?  I could try to think of some more tips or anecdotes from my growing experience with grad school applications, or I could just make a whole bunch of non sequitor pop culture Top 10 lists.  I’m predicting an amalgamation of choices A and B for the future... mostly choice B...  

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